Swallow Swan T-Shaped (Double Doors)

Product Description

The Swan Greenhouse from Swallow

Price includes Direct Delivery and Installation (4-8 weeks)

Price includes guttering and two front return staging

The Swan design has a gable width of  2660 mm (8'9) x 2660 mm (8'9) and is available in three standard lengths.   The Swan  is available unpainted or painted in a variety of colours, as well as extra rear staging, extra high level shelf.

Manufactured from Thermowood with many benefits;

  • It can be left untreated
  • All bacteria is killed, resulting in a sterile material
  • Paints excellently and lasts up to three times longer
  • The timber is totally natural and chemical free
  • Reduced thermal conductivity
  • Consistent colour throughout the wood
  • Improves durability against decay
  • Improved dimensional stability
  • Good choice for allergy sufferers
Painted Olive
Painted Lily
Painted Bracken
High Level Shelf

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