Wolf Garten Bypass Secateurs RR4000

Product Description

Wolf Garten Bypass Secateurs RR4000

There are so many secateurs, how do you know which one to use? Well, like lopper, that all depends on the job in hand. Is it trimming new stems or tough woodier growth?

Bypass Secateurs work on a scissor like cutting action with one blade 'bypassing' the other. They are ideal for cutting growth which is younger (up to 2 years old) as they provide a very clean cut, essential for maintaining a healthy plant or shrub. Little pressure is required in pruning of this nature so the secateurs themselves are light in weight. Bypass Secateurs can still be used for old cuttings but a little more effort will be required by the user.

  • Ideal for large sized hand
  • Soft grip handle
  • Replaceable upper blade
  • Comfortable robust bypass secateurs for regular use
  • Internal spring mechanism
  • Cutting diameter 22mm
  • 10 Year guarantee

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