Should I Buy Rattan or Metal Garden Furniture?


What look are you trying to achieve?

Alexander Rose purple steel bistro set Much like interior design, garden furniture trends and aesthetics are constantly changing and to keep up with the Joneses, you may be looking to update your garden furniture this year as there are many exciting new styles and features available that can not only make your garden look stunning, but be incredibly easy to maintain.

Consider also whether you are opting for a contemporary look for your garden - this is ideal for rattan furniture and also certain types of metal furniture. If you opt for metal furniture, there are certain finishes that can give a contemporary appearance - aluminium for example, can look brilliant with modern furnishings and designs, but it might not work so well with say, a rustic look.


How will you store your garden furniture during the winter?

Bronze Cast Aluminium bench with cushionsOne of the many benefits of rattan furniture is that it does not require maintenance to keep its original look and feel. As the material is synthetic, it is not adversely affected by rainwater or sunlight, which means you don’t have to worry so much about coverings or treatments for each piece. For both metal and rattan garden furniture, cleaning does not require a major operation - some warm water, a cloth and some detergent can remove most blemishes easily, restoring your rattan or metal furniture to its usual, clean look. Some materials require proper storage during the harsh winter months but there are many makes and styles that can be left out in the wind, rain and snow with no issue.

If you have limited storage space on your premises, then this can be a very important factor to consider, along with the size of any items you buy, and also whether you need to invest in weatherproof coverings to drape over your garden furniture in the event that you cannot store them in a separate location. Wooden garden benches in particular can be bulky and heavy to move, so ensure you have adequate storage space before purchasing any large items that will need extra care and attention.

On the hottest days of the year, will your furniture be sat out in the sun or the shade?

Much like cold weather can prove to be a problem for your garden furniture, continued exposure to the sun can also have an effect. A potential benefit of purchasing rattan furniture is that its synthetic material is resistant to UV rays, which means it can sit outside in the sun for as long as necessary without experiencing any damage. Metal furniture does boast greater durability than rattan furniture, but this is very much a long term concern.

One drawback of metal furniture is that it retains heat, which means it can become quite hot after extended periods of time in the sun. However, adding additional accessories such as cushions, parasols or strategic positioning under an awning can very easily solve that issue.


What will you use your garden furniture for?

Hosting friends and family in your garden during the summer is a luxury that, thanks to the somewhat unfavourable British weather, is often hard to come by. However, when the opportunity does arise, choosing your garden furniture wisely means you can be ready to host a fantastic soiree at a moment’s notice.

Reigate Garden Centre are proud to offer a wide range of garden furniture to suit all tastes, requirements and budgets. If you would like to know more, browse our site or pay our garden centre a visit and speak to one of our friendly team today, and we’ll be more than happy to help you.

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  • Gary Tiley