Can Garden Furniture Really Be Maintenance Free?


Summer is fast approaching, and that means one thing: garden gatherings. Whether you’re having a barbecue with family or simply relaxing in your garden with friends, the summer sunshine provides ample opportunity for such events. However, it’s no use having people visit your garden if you don’t have the appropriate furniture, or if your existing furniture has been damaged by the previous, harsher seasons. Thankfully, innovations in garden furniture design have lead to a new material that won’t be affected by rain, snow, heat and wind. In this piece, we will look at maintenance-free garden furniture and how it can benefit your garden.

Weather resistant garden furniture is increasingly popular with homeowners around the country, thanks to its resilience and durability, as well as its good looks. There now exists fabric sofa sets that are completely resistant to all weather, meaning they can be left out without you having to worry about adverse climates damaging them. Should the weather turn sour and your garden furniture is left under a downpour, don’t worry: the quick-drying foam inner allows water to pass through completely, meaning the fabric is then totally dry after 30 minutes. There are no stains to worry about, either!

Katie Blake two seater bistro setAt Reigate Garden Centre, we are proud to stock a wide range of maintenance-free garden furniture from some of the leading manufacturers in the market. The Katie Blake all-weather Bistro Set is one such item, available for the excellent price of £249.

Made from a high quality resin weave, the two seater bistro set comes in two colours (grey and taupe) and the low maintenance cushions are included.

This bistro set is ideal for enjoying a sunny corner of your garden or the comfort of your conservatory all year round.


Bramblecrest 6 seater garden table and chairsBramblecrest’s Oakridge range
also offers the same weatherproof benefits - the beautiful set of six high-back armchairs, 140cm round table and parasol is available to buy online for just £1,746.

Featuring a lazy susan on the glass table top and a sturdy, high-quality parasol and comfortable, low-maintenance cushions, this garden furniture set is perfect for entertaining friends and family outdoors all year round.

If you have garden furniture that does not boast the same weather-proof features, then there are still steps you can take to ensure your furniture looks as good as possible for as long as possible.


Cleaning different types of garden furniture:

Wooden garden furniture

  • Cleaning the material with hot soapy water is a perfectly acceptable solution for general care, or hardwood cleaning fluid for hardwood furniture. Do this at the beginning of the season to prepare for the coming months.
  • For furniture that is especially dirty, consider lightly sanding it after cleaning, taking care to brush away any remaining dust. This should also be carried out before any treating of the wood.
  • Oil should be added afterwards to keep the furniture looking new and fresh. Use a natural-bristled brush, painting with the grain direction.
  • Painting the furniture will add some individuality to your garden. Apply 2-3 coats of paint to achieve a consistent, solid colour.

Metal garden furniture

  • Use hot soapy water and a non-abrasive cloth.
  • You can use a pressure washer too, but make sure it is on a low setting and avoid using the pressure washer on fragile surfaces.
  • For steel furniture, scratches that expose the bare metal underneath should be treated to prevent rust. You can remove existing rust using steel wool.
  • You can touch up any rust-affected areas with exterior metal paint, after rust has been removed.

Aluminium garden furniture

  • Aluminium can suffer from aluminium oxidation, which causes discolouration. To avoid this, ensure your furniture is safely stored away or covered up during winter.
  • Clean aluminium furniture regularly to keep it in top condition and avoid the onset of any problems.

Wicker/rattan garden furniture

  • Rattan is UV and weather resistant, which means it doesn’t actually require much maintenance.
  • Washing the material with soap and water will be sufficient.
  • Check the frame underneath; if it is made of steel or aluminium, take care to clean and maintain the frame using the techniques mentioned above.

Reigate Garden Centre is proud to be a stockist of the finest garden furniture from the leading manufacturers on the market. For more information, get in touch today or pay us a visit and our friendly team will be more than happy to help.

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  • Gary Tiley